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Supporting organizations

Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Acad. G. Bontchev Str., bldg. 11
1113 Sofia, Bulgaria

The Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry is one of the principal and oldest chemical institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The activities include fundamental and applied studies in the field of inorganic materials science: systematic investigations of the fundamental relationships “composition-structure-properties” with a view to the design of advanced materials with tailored properties.


• Synthesis, analysis and characterization of advanced high-tech materials with industrial application;
• Studies of materials related to environmental protection;
• Utilization of chemical natural resources;
• Innovation activities and transfer of knowledge and technologies towards industry.

University of Sofia “St. Kl. Ohridski”
Faculty of Chemistry
1 James Bourchier Ave.,
1164 Sofia, Bulgaria

The Faculty of Chemistry is the oldest and one of the most respected institutions in the field of chemistry in Bulgaria. It is a unique institution for the country, covering, to a high extent, all branches of modern chemistry, from physical, computational, colloid and analytical chemistry to organic synthesis and materials science. In the Faculty of Chemistry, about 650 students are trained (simultaneously) at the bachelor, master and PhD level.


• Synthesis of bulk nanomaterials and study of the structure-property relations of various functional materials;
• Hybrid materials with special properties;
• Quantum chemical methods for modeling, and design of materials at the molecular level;
• Radical thermo- and sonopolymerization; polymeric microheterogeneous nanophase and nanostructural materials;
• Electrodeposition of nanometals, nanooxides and polymers;
• Self-organization of colloid particles under the effect of capillary forces.